Here is a list of recently completed projects:

  • Complete review and analysis of business operation including the preparation of a detailed multi year business budget forecast for several employer clients.
  • Assisting client with the review and subsequent acquisition of a business. 
  • Preparation of a multi million dollar loan package for bank submission. 
  • Complete financial review and preparation of monthly financial templates to help business owners better manage their business.   
  • Account reconciliation and discovery of lost revenues. 
  • Complete analysis of business operations identifying areas of need and appropriate segregation of duties. 
  • Account reconciliation and discovery of double vendor billings and payments. 
  • Complete rewrite of company's employee handbook in compliance with the new Federal & State rules and regulations. 
  • Review of Human Resource files and discovery of inconsistencies and potential issues regarding appropriate practices. 
  • Complete website design and build inclusive or company domain email addresses. 
  • Review and establishment of appropriate social media applications to reflect a business professionally and reach out to its customer base. 
  • Several "friendly hacks" in which our IT experts show you the vulnerability of your data systems and potential data breaches with appropriate steps to correct and enhance your systems. 

This is only a sample of projects performed by our staff of professionals.  Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your business grow and prosper. 

Trinity Advisory Services provides businesses with customized solutions for their unique business needs.  After our initial consultation, we will help develop the business plan that accomplishes your desired goals and at the same time will enhance your business operations.  Our staff of Professionals are highly trained and possess several years of real world experience.  You and your business get the benefit of this experience and expertise on a part time or as needed basis.  Call today to schedule an initial visit and learn how our associates can help you and your business reach its full potential. 

Trinity Advisory Services


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